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Year of release: 2020

USA/Ukraine:  86min.


**Winner - Best Director

 Sonoma International Film Festival 2019

Woodstock Film Festival 2018

**Winner - Best Director World Cinema 2018

Anchorage International Film Festival 2018

**Winner - Best Feature Film Award

Seattle International Film Festival 2018

Cleveland International Film Festival 2018

Phoenix International Film Festival 2018

Berkshire International Film Festival 2018


*Fulbright Scholar Award Ukraine 2014-2015

*IFP Narrative Labs 2016 

Award-winner deep euphoria Calvin Klein Spotlight on Women Filmmakers ‘Live the Dream’ Grant for Emerging Female Director - 2016

*Seattle International Film Festival - WIP Forum 2017

*Rooftop Films - Work-In-Progress 2017

Julia, a bright university student, is preparing for a life abroad when an unexpected romance sparks between her and English, a damaged soldier returning from the war zone in eastern Ukraine.  


From metropolitan Kyiv to a remote Carpathian village, Julia and English must decide if they are ready to build a future together in a homeland that is slowly being torn apart. 








American Independence Film Festival, Kyiv Ukraine 2010

NewFilmmakers Film Festival Series at Anthology Film Archives, 2009
White Sands International Film Festival, 2009

Harriman Jewel Performing Arts Series in Kansas City, MO 2009

"Folk Art Everywhere"  Echo Park Film Center in LA, 2009

Kinolev Film Festival in Lviv in 2008 

Paducah Film Festival, 2008

University of Alberta, Columbia University, Rice University 2008


East Silver Market, Jihlava 2008

Hot Docs Film Market, Toronto 2008. 


Year of production: 2011

USA: 73min

Documentary Feature

Folk! follows the story of a ragamuffin Ukrainian folk dance troupe, Syzokryli in NYC and their fearless founder, former prima-ballerina Roma Pryma Bohachevsky, as they put together an epic 40th Anniversary Concert at the famed Lincoln Center in New York City.

The film is narrated by director Roxy Toporowych, and features hilarious interviews of current and former dancers as they struggle to put on this epic show and keep the spirit of Ukrainian dance alive in the USA.  

Featuring the Syzokryli Dance Ensemble of NYC, Voloshky Dance Ensemble of Philadelphia, Kashtan Dance Ensemble of Cleveland and the Virsky Dance Company of Kyiv, Ukraine.



Watch FOLK! free on VIMEO!

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